Crossing Genres???

imagesSo there have to be some authors out there that are writing in multiple genres…right? I mean like crime and erotica or romance and erotica? Something more mainstream and dabbling in the naughty here and there?

My year in the genre (erotica)…well it isn’t really a year until July–has been a blast, I can’t argue.

Honestly, I’m amazed at the numbers since stumbling into it last summer.

Under my name, I’ve been published in two countries in three genres. Traditional publishers, anthologies, internet ‘zines and some experimental self-published stuff. After years of doing it, the numbers are dismal. Facebook might have three hundred, Twitter, a couple of thousand between two accounts, a sale every few months?

That’s not to say that I can’t find someone willing to read the stories, but it’s usually me buying them and shipping them out by mail to the potential reader? A perma-free story on Smashwords has struggled to find 100 willing to download it.

As TJ Adams, I had a couple of thousand Facebook followers in the first month which has continued to grow. Twitter does well, although I’m rarely there.

In the last month, I’ve put up three free erotic shorts through Smashwords…the last time that I looked, there were close to 900 downloads? And the stories all sell quite well or well compared to what I do under my name.

I’ve seen more in payment from my publisher and the two distributors in three weeks than I have in a year as a crime writer? Is the genre over-saturated? Are the readers there more discerning?

Is it blind-ass luck? I don’t profess to have any skill with erotica and have read little of it.

A publisher told me to expect it writing erotic genre stuff and she wasn’t too far off the mark.

I’d love to hear from any of you playing both sides of the fence, just to know if you’re seeing the same?

Take Care





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