Social Media Blues

images (1)OK…so I know this a place for me as TJ Adams…my naughty self, but how do all manage your time as a writer, blogger, whatever?

You know what I mean? Writing is the big effort, right? The big push? And yet, I’m here again.

For the last seven years, I find myself spending way more time on social media than I ever do writing? It wasn’t supposed to be this way, right? If not making a dash for the finish line, I’m staring at my phone or laptop screen several hours each day?

To make things worse, I write under two names…that means a double set of accounts everywhere.

Two blogs (one feeds news to my website), Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest for me and the same for me as TJ.

If you’re good at any one of them, you’re probably selling some books. If you work with a publisher, they want to see you working these accounts and hopefully making sales?

Any of the rest of you feeling stretched thin in this rat-race of a life we choose?


2 thoughts on “Social Media Blues

  1. You have to be uber-disciplined. I realised I don’t actually get much enjoyment from social media now, so only check it while eating breakfast and then forget about it until the end of the day. The social aspect of WordPress is far more rewarding, I find.


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