The Summer Doldrums

It’s kind of the summer doldrums around here today. No publishing winds blowing on my sea for the moment.

Ash from two fires burning nearby—one southeast and one west—is settling out, but no big deal, really.

I’ve done a handful of interviews and returned the questionnaires. The first—with Margaret Hefferman—is up and can be read here. They say that you never forget the first?

The others, I don’t know for sure when they’ll be out?

Life was busy for me as a writer for a bit and I know that it will be again in a few days. I guess that it’s been seven weeks now, since my accidental erotic short ‘An Innocent Act’ was signed?

After returning the contract, it was Katy-Bar-The-Door for me for a while. I had to scratch together a pen name, build a website, Facebook and Twitter profile, a blog, etc, etc…
Rather than rush out to purchase another domain, I chose to go with one of the free website builders for the time. I tried Tumblr for a blog, but couldn’t get the feel of it.

On that note—social media—I have to say that the friendship has been explosive, if nothing else. In six years on FB, I might have 200 friends and 300/200 on the pair of Twitter accounts that I use as Christopher Davis.
Under TJ Adams, I’m within a stones-throw of 1500 FB friends and over 700 Twitter followers in six weeks? None of my writer buddies believe me when I tell them that maybe writing erotica isn’t such a bad thing?

Anyway…the edits have all been done, the blurbs written and cover art together for a short surreal / tragic romance sort of thing Cinnamon Girl, which will be released under my name. I don’t for sure yet when we will see it, but it should be soon.

One more round of editing will see Pandora’s Box—an erotic / crime novella—come to life under TJ Adams. I’ve seen the cover for this one and am really excited to see it come out. Again, I don’t have a date yet.

By the way…I’ve taken to using the cover as my FB profile to keep the dirty old dudes from writing to tell me how beautiful that I am…fucking perverts! I honestly don’t know how any of you gals that write deal with this sort?

A pair of 1930’s crime novellas—Meet Me in Tulsa and Going Back to Dallas—have been returned after final editing. Still no cover at this time, but I’m sure that it’s coming. These will be released under Christopher Davis.

A short psychological thriller type of thing—A Murder of Crows—will come to life in a Halloween anthology—released by Solstice Publishing—just before that most creepy of holidays and I can’t wait to see what else they cook up for this one.

This past week, I submitted a straight-up crime novella to a new publisher on the scene, 10th Rule Books. I’m hoping for good news in the next few weeks from these folks?

Now this all sounds good as far as writing goes, but what I don’t spell out here, is that I’ve had a good-sized handful of longer stories rejected over the last few month and three of the small publishers that I’ve worked with in the past have closed up shop.

So as I sit here with my feet hanging overboard—waiting for the winds of fortune to favor my sails—it’s business as usual for a small time writer. Struggle to keep posting something, anything and waiting…the Godawful, waiting!

I hope those winds find your sails and move you a little closer to shore?

Until next time…


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