A Writers Life, Huh?


It’s been kind of crazy for me lately with all of this new name stuff going on around here.

TJ Adams is the pen name that I will use when writing erotica. Webpages and social media and flogging stories isn’t anything new as I’ve been writing for some years now and have been lucky enough to have had thirty-four stories published in two countries.

With two erotic stories (one short and one novella) now signed, I can say that I’ve been published in four genres.

The difference for me now, is that when I first started into all of this…I didn’t have anything published, other than a handful of stories on Amazon’s KDP. I had my whole life ahead of me as far as getting a Facebook Page, Twitter account and a real website together.

I’d spend a little time with one, until I realized that I wasn’t very good at it and move on to another. In the last six years, I think I’ve started an account with everyone, but have settled more or less into FB, two Twitter accounts, the website, two WordPress blogs and a little on Google+ & Pintrest.

When I woke up one morning and realized that I had a contract for a short piece of erotica, I had to slam together a name, website and social media accounts on the fly. I had tried Tumblr, but it just wasn’t my thing? Maybe it’s my age, but it seemed to cramped up there, dark and gloomy?

And that’s why I’m here at WordPress. I have a little experience using it! That’s saying something for an old guy.

Anyway…I’ll be posting here from time to time under under both TJ Adams and my real name. You’ll see posts coming over from another WordPress blog and with 5 stories signed and undergoing various stages of editing, I’m sure that I’ll be burning up the pages for a while?



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