decided that I’d call today’s post, The
Diary of a Madman,
it seems to fit?

been four or five years since I put out a small handful of self-published
stories through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and tried to market those

a couple of years, I more of less gave up on them or the idea of publishing
standalone stories and even removed two from publication. I continued to write
longer novel and novella length stories, but I turned to e-zines, anthologies
and even small magazines to gain exposure in the three genres that I write. In
time, I made a few friends who were always more than willing to share a
Facebook post or retweet something. In sharing these with their friends, my
exposure grew. I did the same for them.

seems—I’m right back to where I started, a new writer in an already overcrowded
field of writers flogging their wares at every turn.

time, I have the help of a publisher for editing and cover art and I have the
luxury of a much longer novella also being signed and coming—hopefully—soon?
Maybe a little—publisher-push—as they have published a hell of a lot of
stories? I might be able to ride the coattails of those that came before?

writing under my real name and taking years to build some momentum, under the
pen name with stories already signed, I put together a website along with
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ accounts in less than a month. The
response on Facebook and Twitter, have been overwhelming with so many folks
taking interest, but it’s still a big time draw. I had three stories in two
anthologies released at the beginning of the month and I’ve said very little
about them.

I spent a little time in the evening answering mail or replying to an FB or
Twitter post before…I’m now back to spending as much time as possible writing
blog posts and keeping up the other social media accounts, checking email and
watching the story’s sales raking on Amazon. It’s slipping by the way, as

would think that I would have learned my lesson years ago, but hell; I guess
that what we writers do, huh? Maybe we’re all just yearning for the punishment?

well, it’s been a fun month of July. Busy, but fun. And I have several more
stories rolling out soon under both my name and TJ Adams. We’ll just have to
wait and see what August and the months following bring.

I think, The Diary of a Madman, seems
to fit?



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