Crossing Genres???

imagesSo there have to be some authors out there that are writing in multiple genres…right? I mean like crime and erotica or romance and erotica? Something more mainstream and dabbling in the naughty here and there?

My year in the genre (erotica)…well it isn’t really a year until July–has been a blast, I can’t argue.

Honestly, I’m amazed at the numbers since stumbling into it last summer.

Under my name, I’ve been published in two countries in three genres. Traditional publishers, anthologies, internet ‘zines and some experimental self-published stuff. After years of doing it, the numbers are dismal. Facebook might have three hundred, Twitter, a couple of thousand between two accounts, a sale every few months?

That’s not to say that I can’t find someone willing to read the stories, but it’s usually me buying them and shipping them out by mail to the potential reader? A perma-free story on Smashwords has struggled to find 100 willing to download it.

As TJ Adams, I had a couple of thousand Facebook followers in the first month which has continued to grow. Twitter does well, although I’m rarely there.

In the last month, I’ve put up three free erotic shorts through Smashwords…the last time that I looked, there were close to 900 downloads? And the stories all sell quite well or well compared to what I do under my name.

I’ve seen more in payment from my publisher and the two distributors in three weeks than I have in a year as a crime writer? Is the genre over-saturated? Are the readers there more discerning?

Is it blind-ass luck? I don’t profess to have any skill with erotica and have read little of it.

A publisher told me to expect it writing erotic genre stuff and she wasn’t too far off the mark.

I’d love to hear from any of you playing both sides of the fence, just to know if you’re seeing the same?

Take Care





Social Media Blues

images (1)OK…so I know this a place for me as TJ Adams…my naughty self, but how do all manage your time as a writer, blogger, whatever?

You know what I mean? Writing is the big effort, right? The big push? And yet, I’m here again.

For the last seven years, I find myself spending way more time on social media than I ever do writing? It wasn’t supposed to be this way, right? If not making a dash for the finish line, I’m staring at my phone or laptop screen several hours each day?

To make things worse, I write under two names…that means a double set of accounts everywhere.

Two blogs (one feeds news to my website), Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest for me and the same for me as TJ.

If you’re good at any one of them, you’re probably selling some books. If you work with a publisher, they want to see you working these accounts and hopefully making sales?

Any of the rest of you feeling stretched thin in this rat-race of a life we choose?

Smut Writer

Smut Writer

Okay, so one of the shorts that I’ve put out recently is a humorous take on writing, well…just that, smut.  Smut Writer.

Whether you call it Erotica, Porn or Literary Fictionthere’s a big market out there for this stuff and I wouldn’t have thought it before last year.

I’ve been writing for years and have had some luck in getting a few dozen short stories, a handful of novellas and a novel published and in two countries under my name.

Can you hear the crickets chirping from where you are?

Yeah…I thought so. This writing thing is a tough business, no doubt.  Finding a publisher willing to take the story is the easy part, getting someone to part with their money and read it is a whole ‘nother animal.

Unlike what I do under my name, I stumbled into the erotic short fiction market with a real deal, honest to goodness publisher. Go figure?

TJ Adams was born on the day I signed his first contract for a dirty little ditty  titled An Innocent Act. Pandora’s Box–an erotic crime novella–followed closely on the heels of the first story.

Now as a writer, you develop a thick skin–as they say–but having a woman (who I didn’t know) edit some twisted tale of well…you know, was just a little too much for me. Call me whatever you will, but it was a embarrassing, to say the least.

A followup to Pandora, Deviant came about through the winter with Mrs. Bryson’s Dirty Secret not far behind. I chose to self-publish these, buying cover art and doing my best to edit them.

I put them up and do you know what…the stuff sold! No kidding, people were not only downloading the stories when they were free, but they were pulling out their credit cards and spending their hard-earned-cash on these little things. In all fairness, both Deviant and Mrs. Bryson’s Dirty Secret are novella length. But that doesn’t matter for the sake of this argument, right?

Having some experience with Smashwords, I chose to go with them for my distributor as they would extend my reach with Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and so on. I have put a few up on Amazon also,not expecting much.

Again, the stories sell. It’s not like I’m planning to retire any time soon, but they do sell. There was a stretch of seven days where I sold at least one story through Amazon, with most days seeing two or three or even four.

That’s a far cry from what I do as a crime writer.

So for the time, I plan to continue seeing just how far I can continue sticking things in holes? so far, there has to be something for everyone from a girlfriends hot mom, to an office fling to a hot doctor and of course, the funny take on the whole thing.

Smut Writer is my story of writing in the genre with a humorous twist. Think of it as TJ’s writing career in a nutshell.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

As Always…thanks for reading.


Hotter than Hot…New Releases

As you can probably tell…I’ve been working my ass off through the winter–over here at TJ Adams Fiction–in putting out a few stories for those who enjoy the Smutley Written word.

I have to apologize for not keeping up appearances here, but honestly…I just can’t make this thing work the way that I would like it to.

I have the blog over at the website , but I know that I don’t have the reach that I would here. So I’m back trying to shape it into something that I enjoy rather than dread. Hopefully, you will see more of me in the future.

In my defense…I’m an old guy and don’t adapt well to technology! Okay?

Anyway…all of the stories can be found at Smashwords and most can be had over at Amazon for a buck or less as a few are free due to their length (no pun intended).

Stop on by…take a look and let me know if you choose to read one, I’d love to hear from you.

As always, thanks for reading.


The Year in Review

Over the course of this year—2016—I’ve been fortunate enough to have read a ton of stories ranging from flash fiction to short stories to novellas to full on novel length.

Looking back at the stories I’ve had published, it’s hard to believe that I had any time to read at all?

But here goes my attempt to thank all of the great guys and gals for the wonderful stories this year ranging from sad and traumatic to outright hilarious. All of these folks will remain on the radar and I will read whatever they might put out in the coming year and years. And I would recommend searching out these folks yourself and diving in…there’s something here for everyone, post-apocalyptic life to westerns to offbeat crime…there’s even a 1940’s, jive talking detective gal in the form of Nelle Calahan.

BP Broome

Todd Morr

Bodie Myers

Tim England

Jessa Callver


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